Brady: "Should" is not a viable business model

In the online world, content is king.

Jim Brady, vice-president at Allbritton Communications and founder of a new local news startup in Washington, D.C., said that he thinks pay walls will find themselves under siege as they try to keep content away from consumers.

Brady said that competitors and amateurs will do their best to fill in the gaps in coverage, reducing the value of content behind the pay wall.

He said that people online and on Twitter have said that he is part of a group of people who believe content should be free. But for Brady, its less about his philosophy and more about how the increasing amount of news and information online drives the economics of news gathering.

"For me its a lot less that content wants to be free and just looking at basic business principles," Brady said. "You can't build business models based on what people should pay for, you build business models based off of what they will pay for."

By Andy Medici