vLog: Thoughts from San Diego

"We measure our success in impact," said Andrew Donohue.

Donohue is the editor of the Voice of San Diego. He spoke on how his company looks at the services it provides to San Diego in order to create more than a news organization. It is important to him that the reporters use their intellectual capital to teach people through the news the produce.

When responding to a question, Donohue answered that no city can be served by only one daily newspaper. The question led to some stimulating responses and opinions from the panelists, which included Jeff Light, the editor of The San Diego Union-Tribune, Barbara Bry, the associate publisher of the San Diego News Network, and Lorie Hearn, the executive editor of the Watchdog Institute.

"You want your reporters to feel like someone's breathing down their neck because it makes them better," said Hearn.

by Seth A. Lemon