News on the go

The panel for Tuesday afternoons workshop "Charging for Digital Content: Fix or Folly?" decided, for the most part, that as print dies, digital will rise.

Can digital platforms really save the news?

Jim Brady, president of digital strategy of Allbritton Communication, believes that mobile is the answer.

Mobile gives the advertisers a "location based" advertising model, he said. You can shoot an ad over to a user depending on where they are.

Traffic alerts are also something they will pay for, he continued.

Echoing the point that Eric Schmidt made on Sunday night, these devices know you, more than just as a person, but know you on a live, minute-to-minute basis.

Kenneth J. Doctor, affiliate analyst at Outsell/Content Bridges, expanded that idea to a "trifecta."

Mobile, video and social are the bases of this pyramid. They can connect with their viewers, give them what they want through video and then share it with their friends, he said.

Through mobile and other forms of digital media, ads can become targeted, to a person.


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